Storizen Magazine January 2023 – Maharaj Devraj Singh

The Torch Bearer of The Dausa History

Hal Borland said – No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. With the cold wave taking a toll in the northern part of the country, it’s official that winters have been harsh this time.

Winter season can make you feel low. One needs the motivation to thrive! We decided to motivate our readers with a new and refreshing writing prompt – “Beating the Winter Blues!”

Do you know your history? One must know their history and appreciate the evolution process. We are pleased to have The Torch Bearer of Dausa History – Maharaj Devraj Singh on the cover of Storizen Magazine this month! Do check out the exclusive feature on page 6 inside.

Storizen Magazine January 2023 Cover - Maharaj Devraj Singh

Drugs have taken a toll on the youth of today. Life is not meant to be wasted like this. Check out the article on how to get out of this addiction by Ankur R. Gupta inside.

We love conversations, especially with writers. Do check out the interview section inside. One of the special interviews we had with Anand Suspi, author – Half Pants, Full Pants, now a web series on Amazon Prime. Check it out!

We got a lot of submissions and love reading all of your stories and poems. Keep showering your love and support so we can continue to bring on valuable insights for you every month.

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