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To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you, I read this quote by Lewis B. Smedes and thought that how in this life span that is too short, we are becoming prisoners of our own deeds!

Inspired by this quote, we at Storizen decided to dedicate the month of September to forgiveness!

Seeing crimes happen is one thing and writing about them is another. This month, we are super excited to have The Wizard of True Crime, Anirban Bhattacharya on the Cover of Storizen Magazine. After his book, The Deadly Dozen on India’s most notorious serial killers, he is back with his latest, India’s Money Heist, based on the true story behind one of India’s biggest and most sensational bank heists. Check out the Exclusive story on Page 8!

Storizen Magazine September 2022 cover anirban bhattacharyya and mohanlal
Storizen Magazine September 2022 Issue Cover

Are you a fan of adventure sports? We met amazing stunt masters Aline Carriel Campos and Tales Rodrigo Campos who perform some of the mind-blowing motorbike and car stunts. Special feature inside!

Do you reply to fan emails as an author? Saheb Kaur Nanda shares her thoughts as to why Authors should be replying to fan mails. A must-read article for all the authors and their fans!

What do the stars have for you in the month of October? Don’t forget to check out the Monthly Horoscope: October 2022 by Himani Goyal inside!

Poetry, Stories, and a lot more. You can’t miss this issue!

We are super thrilled to share with you that Storizen Magazine September 2022 issue is LIVE NOW!

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