The Line of Mercy by Tarun J Tejpal Book

New Delhi, 4 March 2022: In the country of the damned do the birds sing? Does laughter ring? Do creepers of lush stories decorate crumbling ruins? Does the rainfall? How deep run the caverns of justice and injustice? How dark? Does any fire burn there, of warmth and of illumination? What is the flotsam of humanity that finds itself swept into this murky slipstream? Is there an unacknowledged symphony in sin? Can the sinner be beautiful? Are redemption and mercy the two greatest impulses known to humankind?  

In the thick air of a coastal town, inside the iron bars manufactured by the laws of men, life explodes with tropical ferocity. Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso, and limbo – always limbo – come together in a frantic soup of sadness and madness. More truths and revelations are laid bare than can be claimed by any courtroom or church.  

The Line of Mercy by Tarun J Tejpal

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In his new novel, Tarun J Tejpal takes the darkest of human material and unearths in it the unstoppable surge of the human spirit. Writing in his inimitable tragicomic style he creates a spellbinding world of extraordinary characters and stories never encountered before.  

‘Tarun J Tejpal’s earlier work, The Story of my Assassins, has been a long-standing favourite for the way it had the pulse of this mad nation. In his new work, he outdoes himself – diving into humanity’s darkest heart, surfacing with more mojo per page than most writers manage in a tome. There are no petty axes to grind in The Line of Mercy. This is a book as a cosmic dancer – light step and chortle, the eye of Shiv-Sauron.’ – Amruta Patil

The Line of Mercy is an epic – and utterly original – addition to the universal literature of crime and punishment.  

Speaking about the book, Udayan Mitra, Executive Publisher, HarperCollins India said, ‘We are excited to be publishing internationally acclaimed author Tarun J Tejpal’s new novel, The Line of Mercy. Tarun’s book is an ambitious work of fiction, a many-layered, multi-faceted, evocative exploration of the human condition, written in sharp, chiseled prose. We hope it will reach a wide readership.’ 

About the Author:

Tarun J Tejpal is the founder of Tehelka, IndiaInk, and Think; and the author of three novels, which have been published worldwide to critical acclaim. He is married and has two daughters who work in cinema and in conservation. 

The Line of Mercy is undoubtedly Tarun J Tejpal’s most accomplished work. As ferocious as it is ambitious. The writing is both muscular and seductive. The characters sweep you into the darkest passages of crime and brutality. It’s a noir novel that demands attention.’ – Shobhaa De

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