storizen magazine February 2021 Sadhguru

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Once you experience all life forms as a part of yourself, you cannot help but fall in love with everything around you. This quote by Sadhguru perfectly encapsulates our theme for the month of love. We asked our readers, our contributors to not limit their love to only romantic love but to the love for life, love for self, love for food, travel, and everything around them. Nothing can bring you closer to yourself than spirituality.  How to be spiritual? What is spirituality in the true sense? We decided to learn this from the expert himself.  We are extremely delighted to feature yogi, mystic, and author, Sadhguru in the February issue of the Storizen Magazine. With his latest book, “Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny, Sadhguru teaches us how we can take charge of our own destiny. Check out the exclusive coverage on page 8!