A Clean Slate…

A poem by Madhumathi H.

Wave after wave, the ocean of life brings moments
Some leave joyful sparkles in our eyes
Some, plant an inexplicable ache in our hearts…
Until we find a ship
Until our turn comes for a voyage
Let’s make paper boats on the shore in hope…

Sometimes, the past becomes a hammock
Memories, a cozy villa
The present warns, “Time never stops, live the NOW…”
But do we listen?
We find pleasure in pain, allowing memories to sting!
Some tears, we never allow to dry…

girl sitting on daisy flowerbed in forest photo

Our tomorrows are made of today’s seeds
Why stare at a barren yesterday, where dreams can’t grow…
We often sprinkle salt upon our wounds
Making healing, a painful trudge

Shall we begin a brand new journey
Giving life, a fresh start?
Nature mentors us every day, beautifully…
The leaves wither, and it’s colder everywhere, yet
The branches are brimming with hope
The roots know the value of patience
The joy of welcoming spring’s fragrant blossoms…

Life is made of moments that make or break us
Let our flights, humble us
Our fall, strengthen our hearts
To unfriend our fear of hurdles, and heights…
Snap of the fingers, decades dissolve
Let’s gently pull our past, look into its longing eyes
Kiss on memories’ forehead, and send them off

Each wave, from the ocean of life, carries the placard
“NOW, is all you have…”
When we have “Now”, we have all!
When everything is ephemeral
Let’s experience eternity in moments
Our heart prints are the only proof
We lived ecstatically in gratitude, despite all odds…

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