A Road To Country Mile

Yield an authentic hope to the life and lend it no other,

Cause life is filled with no legitimate stream of blues,

None detours to the place of nowhere but to a foreseeable destination,

It may enroute to the path of past footsteps,

It may seem nothing could be further from the destination,

But hold the grit still until it redirects on the cue.

Similar the world is with an  unfamiliar life,

Accomplished dreams as milestones and tenderfoot dreams as broken sign boards,

Life carries no itenary to a road of similar directions,

Dreams traipse in nowhere with the map of whereabouts,

As twisted as corkscrew the road is to move the dreams forth.

Walking a mile a minute to fall behind in an identical road,

Not even a bush buzzes to a dormant breeze,

Eyes craves over the milestones of accomplished dreams,

Yet  it eggs on to hang in there with dreams,

Despite the road directs in complex dreams figures out its own way,

Cause its already  halfway to be further from nowhere,

Dreams commits an incessant march at behest of life,

Few years down the road broken sign boards will set a milestone,

As straight as line the road would be to make progress in dreams.

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The road is not empty to be occupied by dreams,

The path will be detangled to reach where it destined to be,

No milestones will be a mirage once it used to be,

Bushes would buzz as bee to a hazy breeze,

Milestones of accomplishments will root for others,

Failure will no longer be a broken sign board but an itinerary to a country mile of success.

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