Do Not Fear The Grave – A Poem on War by Mamta Joshi

Last week, we shared a poetry prompt: War. Here’s a poem shared by one of our esteemed readers and contributors, Mamta Joshi on the poetry prompt: War.

War has no preface
No epilogue
It hovers over her soul
Like a shadow
Punctuated briefly by bombs
Curdling her bowels
Her senses numb from fear.

World War 1. Gurkhas charging a trench.Photographer - H. D. Girdwood.

This life, this land, this house
Is all she has.
No neighbors anymore
To greet or to wave goodbye
The spreading tops of oak and pine
Make a canopy of memory
She moves away silently
Her desires shaken and changed.

The stench of blood and charred flesh
An open-air barbecue
Without any guests
Does History change a thing?
What is lost is gone forever
Leaving scars to flaunt
Fire gives way to ashes
That smolder 
To be stoked again.

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