She is desirable

She is sensual

She rules every heart

Erotic is her name

Body is her dwelling place

For she is the queen of lust

Which every person loves to embrace.

Lust wears the crown

The human souls pine to drown

In the river of the burning passion

The eyes seek for physical pleasure

For every one, it is the only desire.

The fragrance of lust

seems to be in the air

Like a fresh flower,

Lust blooms everywhere.

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Body craves for lust

As it is the pressing need

Which can quench

Of every person’s lusty thirst.

The ultimate delight

Resides in the flesh

When lust conquers mind

Every other thing falls behind.

The forbidden fruit

Provoke all to eat

For it is so alluring

That it is hard to retreat.

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Aparna Mukherji
In a few words, Aparna defines a woman who beholds high aspirations and firmly believes in expanding her horizon. She holds a Master's degree in English from Mumbai University. By profession, she is an online Senior Content Writer and Blogger who writes informative articles for various Indian, UK, and US blogs and websites. Her poems got published in the digital Reflection Magazine and on the Indian literature website named Facestory's.com. She is a budding author too. Her first story on romantic themes got published in a book named "Memoirs Of Love". Her second story in another anthology will be published soon. As a person, she is open-minded, down-to-earth, and amiable in nature. Her world revolves around creativity. She wishes to make her mark in the literary world, hoping to leave an indelible imprint on her readers' minds.