Farewell To The Earthling Girl

On the other side of the moon

there’s a figure I distinguish

amongst all other shapes.

It’s the one I can always find,

despite the unmeasurable distance between us.

I stand in the middle of the crucifixion

– a once abandoned idea

that’s coming back to life

and I wish I never had.

It’s a thought that climbs up my mind

to settle in there forever,

to slowly begin rotting away

poisoning my insides.

I make up my mind, decide it’s time,

so I stretch out my hand, my voice follows.

The letters spill from my mouth

one by one

like pieces of old, crumbling bones

I wish I could put it back together

to build a tooth that hasn’t been

yet eaten by decay.

I hear a crack, then another split and I hide

the stolen look away from her

before I lost another piece of myself.

I escape as I fix my eyes on the amber,

shining cross placed mighty

on the top of the Basilicata St. Genovese

in this small town, in an autumn corner of the Earth

where leaves explode around

to land on the golden strand of hair

and to turn her face into a glittering miracle

of perfection dreamed.

On the other side of the moon, there’s a look

that will never cross mine,

a wound that I keep picking scabs off

so it never heals.

The bells from the cathedral startle me

before I close my eyes briefly again

to inhale the wind.

The sound carries the scent of walnut- tree leaves,

it mixes with the never-changing truth

that no beauty is ethereal

besides the one that remains untouched.

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