Fish I Love To Gorge In

As I get the smell of
A delicious dish
I run to the kitchen
To get indulged in the aroma
Of the lip-smacking food of fish.

The smell of fried or grilled fish
Makes me crazy
The thick curry of fish
Which has some extra cheese.
Makes me drool over
For the juicy fish
I crave for.

cooked stew fish on cooking pot photo

No other dishes
Can make me please
The variety of delicacies of fish
Can only make me appease.

When the fish gets dipped
In the bowl of curry
The mouth-watering spice-filled fish
Makes me merry.

The spicy fish delicacies
I love to binge on
The sight of various fish dishes
Give me pleasure to my eyes
Soothes my senses
When I get the aroma of
The aromatic spices.

My love for fish
Will never fade away
Am a huge fan of
Various shapes and sizes of fish
The tastes of fish
Will linger in my taste buds
Which Will forever stay.

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