My prana vibrating beyond the body consciousness,
From the Mooladhara through the Anahata to the Ajna,
The reverberation caused by a cascading
The rhythmic cadence of salutational chants,
I awaited the presence of my Guru,
To guide me through the mental delusion of limitedness,
And embrace the Akandam, the whole!

Rise He did, a picture of celestial charm,
Exalted in pearly splendor, a nightly solar,
His compelling pristine aura
Exuding a welcoming calm,
He patterned me in geometry—a mandala,
The myriad pieces He adjoined
With strands of patient repeated penning,
Which, though an illusory incompleteness they seemed,
Were prettily perfect in the Now.

With Time, I grew, circle by layering circle,
My diverse multi-hued cells coming together
With forgiving loving-kindness.
Inebriated I became with the awareness of joyous purpose,
And the wisdom to move on from the expectations
Of a transient trophy,
To the fulfilling pedestal of Divine Grace.

But Life doesn’t end here ever,
For, every dawn brings with it
A new circle of transit within the old tale,
Or new patterns to be traced upon a fresh page,
The routines of repeated penning
Sometimes splendid surprises,
And other times dreary doldrums,
Yet I go on in the happiness of belief
That the Guru Tatwa has already connected the dots
To light up the way,
And I only follow the Footsteps that I hear
Ever so clearly,
In the silence of my undisturbed mind.


prana: life-giving force that flows in our bodies

Mooladhara through the Anahata to the Ajna: refers to three of the six chakras or psychic energy vortices found along the spinal cord, namely, Mooladhara, Sahasrara, Manipur, Anahata, Vishuddhi, and Ajna. Sound energy is said to have reverberated in the cosmos even before life manifested upon the earth. Chanting can induce vibrations within a physical body that can connect it with the energy source in the cosmos. When this happens, the psychic energy vortices in the physical body are awakened.

Akandam: the unfragmented WholeGuru, Guru Tatwa: Guru is “one who dispels darkness”. Guru Tatwa: Tatwameans “thatness” or “reality”. Guru Tatwais not about a person but “that principle or Truth which dispels darkness”

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