Hand in Hand they stood…

Hand in Hand they stood...

Astride their motorbike, the lovebirds jaunted
Along the promenade by the beach
Her hero holding the handlebars of his vehicle
And she held him, her arms around his slender waist
They rode through the perturbed traffic
Blissfully unaffected by the rush.
His eyes were on the road ahead
And his mind very conscious of safe driving
But his heart was upon his sleeve, his left one
For it was upon his left shoulder
She had placed her chin, and notwithstanding the solid helmet
She was whispering love cajoles into his waiting ears.

couple hugging at the top of a hill at night
Pic Source: Unsplash

Moon, he spotted them from up afar
Through the branches of the trees that lined the pavement
His heart skipping a beat, he raced up, and ahead too
So he may see her better, and be seen…by her
Alas! she didn’t…so enveloped was she
With the man, she shared conjugal moments
Not just on the motorbike but all her life with.
He, the celestial orb, was up there for all to see
Glowing against a cerulean satin
Of a balmy night of lunar fullness
A luminous alluring seductive giant pearl
Those poets languished their versified thoughts upon.
Oh! But to her, he came not at all within her ken
Her entire attention orbiting her married love only
As they wheeled through the traffic, a romantic earthen ride.

Yet once she did turn her eyes toward him
Ever so briefly, but ever so disinterestedly
A faint glance that meant, well, nothing at all—
Dark desolation clouded his radiant full visage
Darkened, he hid his bright self behind curtains grey
Peeping yet not so, hoping against hope
That she would reciprocate his lucent love for her.

Till he saw them turn into the road that led
To the abode, they called their heaven
Out came he, beaming, from behind the clouds
Presented himself in full view of her sight
Putting on his best bright face with all his might—
Not in vain were his efforts, for, as she got off the motorbike
She looked ahead…and saw him, placed as he was
At vantage. 

It was just a minute, yet seemingly an eternity
When eyes met eyes…
A moment in which all the sounds of the moving world
Around her came to a mute.
Her iris held only the iridescence
Of the heavenly light shining brighter now
And her breath, a zephyr, calm and composed
She knew there was a blessing to come
So, with eyes locked still, she drew her husband to her
Hand in hand they stood, in gratitude, receiving
The luminous divine Love that embosomed them
Hand in hand they stood, in prayerful solace
Aroused by the Grace bestowed upon them
Hand in hand they stood, not twain anymore, but as one
Neither man nor woman, but as light
An illumination meant to brighten
Many a darkened souls to smile
Hand in hand they stood, a conspiracy of eternity
So the world may know that what makes it go around
Are not its laws of motion and fixed notion
Hand in hand they stood, a reflection, a celebration
An eternal ethereal story of Love!

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