I bet you think about me

I bet you think about me

Ting!”, is not a tone but hope
When I stare at life, clueless
I bet you think about me, text randomly
Listen to my heart’s rant
No matter how far we are from each other
I customize tones, for a reason…

“Ting”, is not a tone, but a sleeping pill
When all I wanted was silence, yet
I knew my lullaby is in your voice
Your soul speaks to my tears
I bet you think of me, like a mother
Who wakes up startled, checking her infant snuggled to her
Do you know, some voice notes make the best playlist?!

Michael Angelo's painting on top of the Palace of Versailles
Michael Angelo’s painting on top of the Palace of Versailles

The songs you love, on loop
Movies you cry, watching
Awed moments, heart replenished by Nature’s magic
Poems that make you, weep your eyes out
When you see deep Purple or Pastel green
All things aesthetic, moments brimming with life
I bet you think of me, and smile twice, even more
For we don’t text, call each other every day
No “good morning, good night, had breakfast?” cliches
But exchange warmth through art that loves us
Art that nourishes, healing us…

What about your firm tones that chiseled me
I bet you think about me, giggling
While my eyes well up in gratitude, for the mentor in you
You often understand me better, than
I understand myself
I bet you think of me when I rest in my shell
Blanketed by silence
Your thoughts check on me, through the quiet night sky, stars, the moon
That never owns a voice. . .

On days I curled up in bed, fatigued, lonely
Exhausted inside out, you fed me soup, tea from afar
Your therapeutic art the soothing balm, ray of sunshine into my chaotic room
I bet you think about me, in Pastel shades of empathy…

Your handwritten letters effortlessly say
You find me worth gifting your love, and time for
They gently reassure you are with me
I smile, peacefully sleep, keeping them close
I wake up to their warmth, and light

What if storms overwhelm me often?
Am blessed with souls to confidently say,
“I bet you think about me…”
Am elated, humbled by every thoughtfulness
Every time someone meets Poetry and finds a part of me…

(I think of all those beautiful souls in my life
Thank you for this endearing theme, and my humble scribbling…)

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Madhumathi H.
A bilingual poet-writer(Tamil, English), Madhumathi is an ardent lover of Nature, Poetry, Photography, and Music. Her poems are published in Anthologies of The Poetry Society(India), AIFEST 2020 Poetry contest Anthology, CPC- Chennai Poetry Circle, IPC – India Poetry Circle, Amaravati Poetic Prism, and in e-zines UGC approved Muse India, Storizen, OPA – Our Poetry Archives, IWJ - International Writers Journal, Positive Vibes, and Science Shore. ‘’Ignite Poetry'’, “Arising from the dust”, “Painting Dreams", “Shards of the unsung Poesies" are some of the recent Anthologies her poems, and write-ups are part of. Besides Poetry, Madhumathi writes on Mental health, to create awareness and break the stigma, strongly believing in the therapeutic and transformational power of words.