A poem!

And then, it was all over
just as suddenly as it had begun
and we
embracing the change slowly settling in
while the unchanging stillness
as ever pervading

But there was a past not so long ago
…a fiery breath of time
…a pause in the song where the lyrics had jarred
…a silence so dreadfully loud
Yet on we moved together
trusting, not rushing
through deadly paths
through bone-chilling moments
feeling protected
under the canopy of the tree of Love
spreading its branches
to shade us, heal us

kalpvruksha - Green Leaf Tree on Shore
Pic Credit: Todd Quackenbush

The Kalpavruksha
with fruits in plenty
and birds in chorus
beneath which
no sound, no silence
no yesterday, no tomorrow
no other, no another
only a quietness ethereal

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