Let’s meet over a cup of coffee…

Let us make a list 

Of what all we can converse 

Over a cup of coffee


Crumple it… Tear to pieces…

Let us ban pleasantries

Tear off the masks

Directly begin to

Talk to each other’s

Hidden doors and windows

In the raw voices of love, and truth

That they slowly open

To let in some healing breeze

Dress the desolate wounds

Of our souls, trusting the roots…

young couple enjoying coffee in cafeteria
Young couple enjoying coffee

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Talk about the precious bookmarks

Laden with the scents of your favorite books

Of my several muses

Blooming as poems, bursting as the confetti of love

About the rhythm of the rain

And the timeless song

Frequently played

A sweet confusion, to choose

If it is the rain or the song

To dissolve in…

Let our dreams be read 

In our eyes

Fears are heard, between heartbeats

And hope sprout

In the silences exchanged

Let tears too

Be eloquent…

Let all the plush things vanish

No better luxury

Then being at the sea

Or a nurturing riverside

Let’s surrender to Nature’s abundance

Discover each other’s floods and droughts

Silk and thorns of our self

No better transport

Then hand in hand walks

Smitten by the wings

Of honeyed freedom…


When we leave

It would not be just the coffee


But the aroma carried in our hearts

Of a precious promise


Brewed for friends…

Coffee is an emotion, for many of us. 

Over a cup of coffee, raw uninhibited soulful conversations have become rare these days; especially in this lockdown phase, it has become a longing, too… 

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