Life An Odyssey by Madhumathi H

Sweet, bitter, warm, cold
People arrive, people, leave
Love is the constant in every phase
Gifting mirages, or bouquets of spring

Souls have shown, how wonderful I am
While searching for my broken pieces
Some have been leeches, too
Took bountiful, leaving my heart parched…

Life, an Odyssey of seeking love, becoming love
It’s our heart, that goes for a toss
In the end, we laugh at our folly, while
EVERYTHING bears the scent of transience

girl sitting on daisy flowerbed in forest

Travelling beyond the horizons
To find new mountains, rivers
Foot-prints left behind, gasped at the barrenness
Sand sighed at the speeding silhouettes

Sliding downhill, curious, restless
Parachutes, Boats, Jigging rods, Backpack
Everything crumbled, vanished at the sight of dunes 
Mirage laughed with a thumbs down

Fallen, broken, tears rolling down
Blurred, muddled, stumbled upon a labyrinth
Swirling around, clueless, trapped
Desperate for the leading door, kindly light

Glow-worms’ luminescence kissed the eyes
The gurgling stream woke up the ears
Scents of mountain breeze gave a soul-hug
Water dripped from the Conch and moistened the tongue…

Just, the other side is greener? No more hopes…
Sceptic self, anxious about the spectre, an invisible fear
Stared at the sky, reluctant for reality-checks
Idyllism simultaneously tempted, threatened…

The tossed coin flew higher and higher
Robbing off the fear of losing again
Fingers trembled yet waited for the descent but
It rolled down faster never to be seen…

In chorus cheered, all my poems, “Life, is NOW.

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