girl with joined hands and praying with faith

Somewhere in the corner of my eye
Dreams never die
Life’s full of crests and troughs
With lots of sighs and hiccups

But somewhere my faith never dwindled
Dark sky adorned me but a star always twinkled
Gleaming and shining my way behind the darkest woods
So I kept on walking between all can’ts and coulds

silhouette of a woman having faith during sunset

When I was about to leave the hope
And move for a different path uphill
Things amazed me how they got possible
Was it you who strengthened my will

I don’t know whether it exists or not
But somehow I could feel
The gentle touch, the tender care
Your hands on wounds, how you made them heal

How wonderful are these experiences
How do I express what I adore?
How to tell others about you?
How to share it more?

Oh I am so privileged to talk to you
You filled my empty soul
I want to be your true child god
In the ways only you will unfold

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