My honey-colored song…


Is there a song, to call mine?

Hidden in the wind’s dimple, and

As the wind smiles, can I hear

My lyrics bloom…

couple in rain
Photo by Shukhrat Umarov from Pexels

Oh, where are you, my rhythm in the rain!

Gramophones exude your loud silence…

Will you come back to me

As my honey-colored song, you once were…

Can we have tea

From the sky-wrapped kettle

As we listen to the melody

Our eyes compose for each other…

Melancholy in my knees, waiting and waiting…

I view the passages of life, and

All I could see was, our long walks together, and

That one shattering moment, you took a different road

Leaving me in a labyrinth…

Am still recovering from the songs

We sang together under several moonlit nights

I suffer your presence, in your incurable absence…

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