A poem by Vidya Shankar

No more trundling
through puzzling pathways
No more crossing
precarious bridges
No more roughing out
on rocky crags
No more sinking
into wasted seas

two friends clapping on shore

Let’s instead to the skies, my Thozhi
New expanses there to explore
A raft of sunbeams we shall make
float in the fluffy foam
splashing our feet
Let’s flap our jocund arms
glide in the breeze
and when our winged friends join us
a game of catch-me-please
The twinkles let’s collect
paste them on our skirts
and if we’ve got some more left
a wreath for our heads
And when we come to the marbly moon
Let’s haul ourselves over the edge
Holding hands let’s pirouette
ringing in music new

Thozhi: bosom friend

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