Seasons of Love


Among the autumn leaves

That bear the beautiful colors

Of a season’s musings

Happy yellow laughter, orange whispers

Winking in purple, blushing in red

Some feathers of autumn wrap our soul, in hues of love

While withering, and drifting…

Mysteriously beautiful, is the fall

A carpet of colors that embraces decay, as

Another journey of birth

As hopeful as the brown bold Earth…

As the colors begin to hibernate

Colder winter spreads its freezing roots and veins

Walking under snow flurries

We shiver, and quiver

Carrying a frozen heart, looking through pale eyes…


It is the chilly winter, that handholds us

Towards love that feels like sunshine

To find a heart that becomes our summer

The tip of our cold nose, touched by cosy steam

From the soup, served by a kind soul

Love is a kettle, a cup of tea

Photo by Vanessa Garcia from Pexels

A quilt, to snuggle into

Love is a kind shoulder, a gentle hug…

Each day, Winter whispers, ‘’Love is a verb”…

Winter is bliss, to slide into a peaceful quietness

The healing silence that fixes the broken strings

From the violins and harps of  conversations

Though cold outside, winters are reminders

Of the soul’s tenderness

What warmth is love

That is not given, shared…

Hands wiping the tears, and

A kiss on the forehead that

Plants hope, paints happiness

A shoulder to lean on

Hand-in-hand walks, an anchor to each other

Love is anything that

Becomes a bonfire

To thaw the frozen heart

And heal the frostbite of the soul…

Vivid heart-prints blossom

When love is poured, and not sprinkled or spilled

Every autumn

Becomes a canvas of joy

Every winter a cosy warm quilt When love is the color, and fabric of life…

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