Shades of Life quote by Michael Dolan

Some mornings are better 

Some evenings are bitter

Sorrows and adventures 

Are the essence of life

At times, life throws curvy balls at you 

Taking life’s challenges 

Bouncing back in life shows 

That fearless person in you. 

8 coffee latte mugs of different shades on wooden table

Not every time flowers will be strewn 

In the path of your life

There will be thorns as well

Which you will have to remove 

While journeying in the ups and downs of life.

Do not fear 

Do not shed a tear

When you see a dark tunnel 

In front of you.

Keep walking ahead with confidence 

And believe in yourself

Keep all worries at bay 

For, you will be the winner someday.

If sweet fruits are served on your platter 

Stale fruits will also be served on your platter.

Learn to enjoy the good and bad sides of life

For, this is the real way to lead a pleasant life. 

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