woman smiling while standing in the field

I gaze at the sparkling galaxy
Billions of stars smile, wink
Inexplicable happiness shimmered in my heart
The glow flows upon my soul…

For no reason, I frequently look at the image
And keep smiling
Oh yes! The smile is the reason…
Who doesn’t love to smile often, be happy?! . . .

woman wearing blue top while standing on plain field photo

Amid all the chaos, pain, and challenges of life
There are reasons to light the lamp of gratitude
To smile, to hope, to believe
To love, to forgive, to give a hand…

The darkest sky becomes the best roof
Studded with precious gems of light
Lying on the lawn of life
Looking through the telescope of my heart

I see my dreams sparkle
In prismatic colors…
The galaxy gazes at my hope, with love.

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