Strange Beauty

I stand at the crossroads unable to chose a way.

Fortunately, the wind carries me in a direction,

making it easier.

My eyes fight not wanting to flutter.

Before me lay a captivating scenario;

streams of waters.

Each exceeding its beauty in a strange way.

The first is as spotless as the sky,

decorated by lush pink blossoms.

I’m fascinated by the way it mirrors me on it

in the presence of its beauty.

The other is as black as our shadows,

with a hint of blood.

Surprisingly, I also find glints of gold

in it.

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Once again, I curse myself unable to chose.

I wait for the wind to help.

Alas! It doesn’t.

I’m left on my own, along with my

dubious thoughts.

The gold in the murky waters do attract me.

Yet, I can’t step into it.

For evil attracts us and drowns us in

regret later, leading us to downfall.

I’m torn between gold, evil and good.

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I question my conscience on who I was

and who I became.

On the other hand the waters as spotless as

the sky held my breath.

For they are a handiwork such as weaving

effort, care and love into a masterpiece of

pure bliss, goodness and not a trace of evil

unlike the black waters.

I close my eyes and calm down,

then with pride I step into it, to live alike it, in it.

For each one of us have the right to thrive

alike those pink blossoms and must.

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