That Cosyquilt I Forgot…

Darker, colder days
All the warmth faraway
Oh, the winter blues…!
Serotonin they say, but my soul knows
Where my bonfire and smiles hide…

A random stranger’s smile on a train journey
Like a piping hot tea
That whiff of Coral Jasmine on a misty morning…
“I thought of you”, messages
Followed by poems, art, scenic pictures…

green trees covered with snow preventing winter blues

Songs, as voice messages from sweetheart friends
One long loving hug from a go-to soul
A reassuring phone call
Conversation that wipes the tears, beyond the distances…
I find warmth, in seemingly ordinary moments

In brutally honest people
In art, in Nature, and
For all the shivering, lonely trudging in the snow
For all the let down/desolate feelings life overwhelms me with I run to the mirror

And find my Serotonin, bonfire
Becoming my own Sunshine
I beat my winter blues, becoming that stranger
Who smiles at a random soul
In offering warmth, I meet within, the season I most long for…

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