The bridge between their souls…


Moonlit sky, honey-dripping music

Like freshly-inked poems, they begin

To read each other

Word by word, line by line

Discovering imageries, that transport to paradise

Sliding into the depths, relishing love

And its delicious intoxication in their souls…

Becoming each other’s muse

couple holding hands
Couple holding hands

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya from Pexels

Mapping the skin with kisses

That become trails in the uninhabited woods of joy

What language do their eyes speak

Each whisper wrapped in a smile, and unwrapped in laughter

He makes her blush like a garden of roses

And becomes her veil too, her tangible dream held close

His tender heart is eloquent

With every touch her soul absorbs

The communion of the two is a celebration

Passion aflame, tasting fire and ice simultaneously

Pleasure exchanged, love planted in their souls

Flowers bloom in each other’s fragrance

They know to become

A new poem for each other, every time

For love is their muse and poems are born out of love…

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