To see…


Like the waters, the waves 

People meet

And retreat

There are moments

We flow, to be heard

Moments we ebb

To be in our silent cocoons

Or coil ourselves as a pond

In an uninhabited forest…

A silent lake

Gushing river 

Or the turbulent floods

Every mood of the water

Some day

Blends with the eternal Sea

The ebb and flow of our emotions

Eloquent through the countless drops

Of the mighty liquid vastness…

There! the ruby-red, purple, and the azure blue wings

Of the quivering kites

Watch the waves rise, and fall

Synonymous to the human joys, and sorrows

The warm golden sand

Tattooed with footprints

Can never tell us

Of the weight of journeys


All the yesterdays are trampled

By a new today

And all the footprints 

Left today 

Are tomorrow’s erased illustration

Of life’s fleeting moments…

Through the several hues of kites 

Dancing in the wind

The crimson sun’s smile searches

If there are any heart-prints

Upon the sands of time

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Among those fragments of the universe

Bordering the shore

Some solitary

Some in groups, under an insignificant umbrella

While the wide Sky is sheltering…

The wind whispers its favourite poem

Fragrant with the scents of joy

The balloons, the birds, the whiff of the roasted corn

The laughter in multicolored voices

Everything frozen into time

To become a breathing moment framed

by the eyes

Captured into timeless locales for the seeking souls

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Engraving a beautiful reminder

Life’s meanings flow through simple, yet uplifting composition of moments

When art unfolds from an intangible womb of an artist

And all that life asks of us

Is the willingness to see, sink, blend, and become…

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