Today is a new day.
Today create joy in your life.

Give no place to guilt.
Give no place to worry.
Choose what you want to allow in.
Control what you are containing.

Release all your limitations.
Learn the secrets of life.
Today change your life for the better,
Because all you have is today.

Today you can be sad.
Or you can just ignore that and be happy.
Today you can cry for your failure.
Or you be happy that you tried.

Today you can get stuck in memories.
Or you can forget and move on.
Today you can do something for yourself.
Or you can do something for someone,
Who can’t do it for themselves?

Today you can make a new promise.
Or you can go back, where,
Few promises you made are incomplete.
Today, do what makes you feel yourself.
And today it’s ok,
If you can’t explain how good you feel.

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