Unfelt Weather

As much as she loves the rain
She loves the fire, too
The crackle of the fire
The warmth blanketing her soul

Every time she waits for the sun-kissed rain
For the golden yellow quilt, to gently wrap her
Raindrops to simultaneously pinch her cheeks
It is only the mirages that scald her

Her anger too, burnt
Leaving her as a numb log
For all the games life plays


She smirks through poetry
She blooms through her poems
As a forest!
May be
A rainforest…

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Madhumathi H.
A bilingual poet-writer(Tamil, English), Madhumathi is an ardent lover of Nature, Poetry, Photography, and Music. Her poems are published in Anthologies of The Poetry Society(India), AIFEST 2020 Poetry contest Anthology, CPC- Chennai Poetry Circle, IPC – India Poetry Circle, Amaravati Poetic Prism, and in e-zines UGC approved Muse India, Storizen, OPA – Our Poetry Archives, IWJ - International Writers Journal, Positive Vibes, and Science Shore. ‘’Ignite Poetry'’, “Arising from the dust”, “Painting Dreams", “Shards of the unsung Poesies" are some of the recent Anthologies her poems, and write-ups are part of. Besides Poetry, Madhumathi writes on Mental health, to create awareness and break the stigma, strongly believing in the therapeutic and transformational power of words.