When Nobody Knows My Name


To roam in an unknown land

Amid strangers

Under a new Sky

No familiarity, no necessity to stop

At every fourth or fifth person

For cliches, to exchange pleasantries

No eyes that judge

No mouths to gossip

Myself being a stranger, to every pair of eyes

A wanderer, a dreamer, an unbound soul

In search of nothing, but

Experiencing moments…

Bursting with joy

Inhaling fresh air

From lush green trees, mist-scented breeze…

Where nobody knows my name

I shall dance in the rain, relish tea at a roadside shop

Or speak to the dew-kissed flowers

Run on the meadows, or laugh with the mountains

For the jokes the clouds cracked…

To backpack my dreams, bare essentials

Just step out, keep walking, with thewanderlust heart…


It is when nobody knows my name

I feel complete, I feel my presence

I discover myself…


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