When the Wait is Over

Locked out in different cities with memories of togetherness
The kiss, the touch, the time we spent together
The exciting cooking in the kitchen spiced up with our chemistry
The lazy dreamy afternoons, just being with you, the warmth of your company
The memories of how we stole those afternoons out of our busy weeks

We moved to different cities then, but our love grew stronger
Rushing to each other at every given chance
The passion for a reunion after a brief hiatus
The long nights and the lazy mornings of exploring each other
The childish delight of discovering a new city together
The intoxicating breweries, the delicious lunches
The memories of how we stole those few days out of our busy months

Then came the wait, with a lockdown confining us
Locked out in different cities with kilometers between us
The distance that we traverse with our love and memories of togetherness
The distance that we traverse with our eager wait of being together again
The phone calls, the messages, the hearts and kisses that we lovingly send digitally
The video calls, the intimacy, striving to transcend the physical distance virtually
The eager wait, every day, for a few moments of feeling together

The kilometers seem so long at times, the days unending
The togetherness of the virtual world at times seems so lacking
The memories of the kiss, the touch, the times we spent together come back flooding

When the wait is over, we will meet again
Our eyes will hold each other in loving gaze, our kiss will melt away these dreary days
Hand in hand we will walk into a world of togetherness, forever!

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