Where Do I Want To Travel?


When you feel low
Your life goes slow
Pack your bags
And set out for a beautiful place
Where you can spend your time in solace.

It’s time to shut down
Your laptop and keep aside your work
Set aside all your worries and bills.
Travel to a place where you would see
Tall mountains and snow-peaked hills.

Catch sight of the eye-catching panorama
The spectacular landscapes
The streams, lakes, and waterfalls
A place where children play with snowballs

airplane on sky during golden hour photo

My mind tells me to travel amidst woods and snow-capped hills.
Where no one will come to disturb me
A serene place where I can sleep without taking sleeping pills.

I want to travel to a place
Where I will wake up hearing the chirping birds.
No noise and scream
My ears would listen to the sound of water flowing slowly in the stream.

I want to get wallowed in
The mesmerizing beauty of nature
The greenery all around
Flowers blossoming in the surroundings.

My mind calls for the delicious fruits
That hang from the trees
Drink crystal and pure water
Flow gushingly from the rocky mountains
Unwind in the lush garden
Under the sunlight Which will make my holidays happy and bright.

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