Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

We value your time and contributions to help make Storizen a success. We love to read you and would be glad to publish your writings in Storizen.

We have certain rules/guidelines which are to be followed before sending in your entries for consideration. Please follow the following submission guidelines while submitting your writings:

  1. Make sure the article you submit is the final version, not the draft version.
  2. We encourage articles/contributions which are not published anywhere else before the submission/publishing on Storizen. However, you can share the post on your personal website/blogs once it has been published on Storizen. If you have any idea/story which is published on your personal website and you still want us to publish it on Storizen, you can still contact us with the link of the already published article/story for the consideration.
  3. If any image, facts, figures, statistics etc. are picked up from any third-party sources, make sure to cite the respective sources while submitting to prevent any Copyright/Identity/Patent Violations.
  4. Properly Formatting your work will help us save time and would be beneficial for consideration in less time.

Response time

We do try to read all the entries but due to a lot of them, we might not be able to reply to all of you. You can reach out to our respective social media channels for quicker response time. For mails, we request you to kindly allow us 1 to 3 weeks of time to respond to your queries/submissions.

Images/Photographs Submission Guidelines

All the authors/bloggers are requested to send in 2 to 3 HD quality photographs to be published along with their submission.

Word Count Guidelines

We have certain guidelines when the word count is concerned. Make sure to follow the below-mentioned rules:

  1. Your publishing journey/your story – 500 – 1000 words
  2. Book Reviews – 500 – 800 words
  3. Short Stories/Contributions (excluding poetry) – 600 – 1500 (maximum 2000) words
  4. PR/Events coverage* – 500 – 800 words
  5. Featured News/Featured Story – 1000 – 2000 words
  6. Blogger/Author contributions other than stories and poetry – 500 – 1000 words
  7. Author/Contributor bio – 100 -200 words

For any questions/queries, you can mail us at

*If you are a PR Executive/Marketing and Communications representative and would like to invite us for the coverage, you can mail us at