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Book Review: ‘Manohar Kahani’ by Raghu Srinivasan

"Manohar Kahani" offers a delightful blend of laughter, levity, and eccentricity, making it a must-read for those who enjoy quirky characters and misadventures.

Book Review: ‘The Mine’ by Arnab Ray

Arnab Ray's "The Mine" is a terrifying thriller that stays with the reader long after the last page is turned. The story revolves around a group of five specialists invited to a highly advanced mining complex, where strange events hint at sinister secrets hidden under the soil.

Book Review: ‘Nemesis’ by Wilbur Smith and Tom Harper

In the intricate tapestry of the Courtney family saga, Wilbur Smith's latest historical fiction adventure, "Nemesis," unravels through the contrasting perspectives of two protagonists, Paul Courtney and Adam Courtney.

Book Review: ‘Opinions’ by Roxane Gay

Beyond feminism and race, "Opinions" explores Roxane Gay's journey with sexuality, from coming out as a lesbian to identifying as bisexual.

Book Review: ‘Sacred Sins’ by Arun Ezhuthachan

"Sacred Sins," Arun Ezhuthachan's explosive journalistic account, peels back the layers of deception surrounding the Devadasi system, revealing an India plagued by casteism, patriarchy, and profound poverty.