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Book Review: ‘On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous’ by Ocean Vuong

In "On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous," Ocean Vuong poses a poignant question: How does one communicate profound emotions, complex histories, and unspoken pain to a beloved yet unread mother?

Book Review: ‘Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments’ by Hema Sukumar

"Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments" is enjoyable, offering readers a heartfelt and light-hearted break from weightier subjects.

Book Review: ‘The Collector’ by Daniel Silva

"The Collector" is a testament to Daniel Silva's ability to deliver engaging and compelling novels consistently. With timely themes, dynamic characters, and intricate plotting, this installment showcases Silva's continued evolution as a storyteller.

Book Review: ‘The Indian Book of Big Ideas’ by Mukunda Rao

"The Indian Book of Big Ideas" offers a treasure trove of intellectual insights and wisdom from the most eminent thinkers in Indian history.

Book Review: ‘When the Wind God Fell Sick and Other Folk...

"When the Wind God Fell Sick and Other Folk Tales" is an excellent piece of children's fiction that masterfully balances fantasy aspects with relevant environmental concerns.