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Book Review: Ambedkar by Shashi Tharoor

Coming to this book, Ambedkar: A Life by Shashi Tharoor, the title talks a lot. The contents explain the life of a person who was the torch bearer of human dignity and fundamental rights.

Book Review: A Case of Indian Marvels by David Davidar

This book - A case of Indian Marvels by David Davidar, the founder of Aleph Book Company, has compiled 40 stories written in English or translated into English from many languages and is a commendable job.

Book Review: The Last War by Pravin Sawhney

The book, The Last War by Pravin Sawhney is divided into four parts, and each part has chapters in it. Author Pravin skilfully describes how the long-standing animosity between India and China has forced the country to be constantly aware of the advancements in warfare to avoid being blindsided.

Book Review: C: A Novel by Anupama Raju

Abstract literature is one of the beautiful forms that are enigmatic and fantastic. In this book, C: A novel by Anupama Raju, the debut book deals with abstractness to the fullest with life and color.

Book Review: Those Women of the Coromandel by Ranga Rao

Book Title: Those Women of the CoromandelAuthor:  Ranga RaoPublisher: Aleph Book CompanyNo. of pages: 270 Book Review 'Those Women of the Coromandel' by Ranga Rao is...

Book Review: Lies Our Mothers Told Us by Nilanjana Bhowmick

Lies Our Mothers Told Us by Nilanjana Bhowmick is an actual account of women and their burdened position in the populated place, where inequality is automatically embraced and endured by them.