Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Forgiveness – You Owe that much to Yourself to be Happy...

It is at this stage the idea of forgiveness starts seeding in but still not completely. The injured person at this point takes the first step to forego any thoughts, feelings, or intentions of revenge toward the offender.

The Changing Shades of Indian Culture in the Last 75 Years

I have seen almost 50 springs in Bharat, my Desh. When Nehruji addressed the nation for the first time as a prime minister, he said...

Is our Indian Traditional Marriage Losing its Charisma?

Getting married is purely a personal choice. Some couples want to test the water before taking the plunge, some want to dive in directly while others simply don’t want to. It’s all about choices, and our older social peers should start adapting to this new change of mindset of generation Z.

Understanding Your Child’s Mental Health as a Parent

Reena was sitting in her posh office at Bandra engrossed in reading an article on Child psychology in India Times when Mary her secretary...

Discover the Spice Route of Your Relationship

The goodbye kisses before going to the office, talking to each other endlessly, going out for candlelight dinners, sharing the same bowl of popcorn...

The Whirlpool of Overthinking

Overthinking is exhausting as thoughts run circles around your mind repeatedly and you are stuck in the same whirlpool that either fades off or prolongs the choices & commitments of your life both professionally & personally.