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My Father

A man of strengthA man of loveHe is my saviorHe is my father. He prays for meIn his prayersFulfills my wantsSuppressing his desires. He walks on...

Where Do I Want To Travel?

When you feel lowYour life goes slowPack your bagsAnd set out for a beautiful placeWhere you can spend your time in solace. It's time to...

Inner Peace is the Real Wealth

It is a fact that money helps you give the materialistic things you have ever wished for yourself. At the same time, you should keep in mind that you are losing your inner peace which is more important than your money.

Shades of Life

Some mornings are better  Some evenings are bitter Sorrows and adventures  Are the essence of life At times, life throws curvy balls at you  Taking life's challenges  Bouncing back in...

Monsoon Love

Since the day of heavy rainfall, that little pup who I named Coco became an important part of my life. The day of the downpour turns out to be bliss for me. I got a memorable gift from Mother Nature: a sweet little Coco in my life who became my monsoon love. 

Erotic is Her Name

She is desirable She is sensual She rules every heart Erotic is her name Body is her dwelling place For she is the queen of lust Which every person loves...