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The Only Indian Legal Thriller Writer in the World, Vish Dhamija

Vish loves writing Crime Fiction and considers all other genres which he writes as a sub-genre of Crime Fiction. Moreover, he believes that genre comes second to the plot.

Storizen Magazine July 2022 | Vish Dhamija

Monsoons are around and like the water flows, creativity also flows out in the form of thoughts. Thoughts are free and so does creativity...

International Bestselling Author Kelly Moran and the Importance of Happy Ever...

Life is short, so it is essential to live it fully and be the light in the dark. These are a few words from...

Interview with Rajiv Ranjan Mishra & Puskal Upadhyay

We recently read and reviewed the book Ganga: Reimagining, Rejuvenating, Reconnecting by the authors: Rajiv Ranjan Mishra & Puskal Upadhyay published by Rupa Publications. We...

Storizen Magazine May 2022 Issue Featuring International Bestseller Author Kelly Moran

We are super excited to release this 50th issue of Storizen Magazine featuring International Bestselling Author Kelly Moran...

A Writer with a Rational Eye: Annie Zaidi

The years we spend growing up play a crucial role in building up the foundation of our thoughts, and our beliefs in the upcoming...