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Story Of My Life – Anubhav Agrawal

Finally, the winters have arrived and I could feel the cool breeze grazing my toes as I stepped out from the blanket....

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: Immigration Made me a Writer

Note to the readers - This interview was originally conducted in January 2019. You can check out our January 2019 Issue here....

Our Failures are What Connect Us: They Reveal Our Truest Selves...

I woke up to the chilly breeze of the dawn.  Winters have finally arrived. Moreover, I was excited for my conversation with...

“I had wanted to explore the brother-sister dynamic in more detail...

Who can forget Suhas Tandon from 3 Idiots? Now read a smashing children's book by the French actor, screenplay writer, and critically acclaimed author Olivier Lafont.

I am a Lazy Writer per se: Shravya Bhinder

I am a lazy writer per se. I can keep the plot in my head for months at a stretch and wait for inspiration to strike me. When it does, I write all awake hours until I have poured all the months of thoughts on the paper.

Write Your Own Story: Tanaz Bhathena

I woke up, excited. The day I had a virtual meeting with our Cover girl of my own magazine has finally...