Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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In Conversation with Sahitya Akademi Award Winner: Chaithanya Pingali

I didn’t even know that this book will get the Sahitya Akademi award. happy about it.  I am happier that the book is getting translated into different languages, going for reprints.

From Romance to Mystery: The Journey of Chetan Bhagat

Love him or hate him. Surely one cannot ignore him!  Criticized by the 'elite readers' and loved by the casual readers, Chetan Bhagat is...

Author’s Journey: Abhirup Dhar

To me, writing is like a dream. Each time, I sit to write anything, I make it a point that it’s a sweet one....

Author’s Journey – Sujay Malik

Describing my journey as a writer is difficult and easy. Difficult because I do not know where to start and easy because I simply...

The Unknown Journey of a Writer – Bernard D’Sa

I remember the day at school when I used to write funny poems and short stories that used to make all my friends laugh and...

Journey of Usha Narayanan as a published author – In her...

We may cheer an Umesh Yadav or a Murali Vijay when they make a mark on the cricketing field, but do we know the...