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The Sunlight Plane by Damini Kane

My book, The Sunlight Plane, is a friendship story between two young boys who try to navigate the dangerous world of bullying and child abuse in a wealthy urban neighborhood.

Murder at Macbeth by Samantha Goodwin

Murder at Macbeth is a crime mystery novel centered around a talented, young actress who unwittingly stabs herself live on stage after a prop knife is tampered with.

Eating Wasps by Anita Nair

I thought Eating Wasps would be about women preserving their identity despite the constant challenges they face on numerous fronts every day be it patriarchy, misogyny, the male gaze, or even the all-pervasive touch of technology.

The Billionaire’s Funeral

We had a great time interacting with the author of the book The Billionaire's Funeral published by HarperCollins India Publishers. Please find below the excerpt from the interview.

Stories are Used to Malign the Good but Stories can also...

We got a chance to have a coffee table chat with the author of Hungry Gods, Richa Lakhera. Read on below for the full...

Author’s Journey: Abhirup Dhar

To me, writing is like a dream. Each time, I sit to write anything, I make it a point that it’s a sweet one....