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Book Review: ‘The Scrapper’s Way’ by Damodar Padhi

Damodar Padhi's "The Scrapper’s Way" is an essential read for everyone looking to redefine success according to their own standards. Padhi's life experiences and wisdom offer a valuable guide for creating a fulfilling life and prosperous career.

Book Excerpt: ‘Kamal Haasan: A Cinematic Journey’ by Krishnan Hariharan

Excerpted with permission from Kamal Haasan: A Cinematic Journey, written by Krishnan Hariharan, and HarperCollins India.

Book Review: ‘Manoj Bajpayee: The Definitive Biography’ by Piyush Pandey

"Manoj Bajpayee: The Definitive Biography" concludes by providing a combination of interesting tales and lost chances. It does a good job of highlighting Bajpayee's path and perseverance, but it lacks the depth and organization necessary to do his life and career credit.

Book Review: ‘The Hill Of Enchantment’ by Ruskin Bond

All things considered, "The Hill of Enchantment" is proof of Ruskin Bond's continuing influence as a master storyteller. It presents readers with a moving and engrossing novel that honors the craft of storytelling, nature, and life's beauty.

Book Review: ‘Unforgettable Chapters’ by Prakash Singh

In "Unforgettable Chapters: Memoirs of a Top Cop," readers are taken on a dramatic trip into the world of law enforcement as seen through the eyes of Prakash Singh, a seasoned cop who has confronted crime and insurgency hard-on.

Book Review: ‘A Memoir of My Former Self: A Life in...

In "A Memoir of My Former Self: A Life in Writing," edited by Nicholas Pearson, Hilary Mantel's profound self-portrait emerges through diverse nonfiction pieces.