Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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How to Write a Bestselling Sci-Fi Novel? (2023)

Aspiring writers who wish to write a bestselling sci-fi novel should take note of the genre's popularity and the key elements that make a great sci-fi novel.

Are We Preparing a Child to Face Failures?

Various factors contribute to this mindset, such as high expectations of parents, peer pressure of fitting into a particular societal norm, image consciousness in social media, fear of taking responsibility, and many more. But the common factor that dominates these contributors is FEAR. The fear of dealing with rejection and failure.

Storizen Magazine February 2023 Issue Out Now!

Storizen February 2023 Issue Satyarth Nayak. Featuring the bestselling author of Mahagatha - 100 Tales from the Puranas!

That Cosyquilt I Forgot…

Darker, colder daysAll the warmth farawayOh, the winter blues...!Serotonin they say, but my soul knowsWhere my bonfire and smiles hide... A random stranger's smile on...

There Comes She…

There Comes She... is a poem by Aparna Mukherjee for Storizen Magazine January 2023 issue. The theme was Beating the Winter Blues!

The Panacea for Wintry Gloom

In the evening when we assembled in the living room, I felt a sense of happiness and positivity. Surprisingly, the kids looked more active, and excited than before, and were eagerly waiting to accompany Smita aunty on her lively expeditions.