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There Comes She…

There Comes She... is a poem by Aparna Mukherjee for Storizen Magazine January 2023 issue. The theme was Beating the Winter Blues!

The Panacea for Wintry Gloom

In the evening when we assembled in the living room, I felt a sense of happiness and positivity. Surprisingly, the kids looked more active, and excited than before, and were eagerly waiting to accompany Smita aunty on her lively expeditions.

A Clean Slate…

A Clean Slate is a poem by Madhumathi H on the theme "Giving Life a Fresh Start" by Storizen Magazine in December 2022 issue!

Giving Life a Fresh Start – The Present is a PRESENT

So at this juncture giving a fresh start to life could be as simple as reconnecting, doing that course I have been putting off, dipping my fingers in a field I so wanted to try out, all this and more!

Writing Prompt January 2023 – Beating the Winter Blues

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden.” This quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe tells a lot within a few words. Finally,...

Who is the Questioner?

A well-renowned philosophical writer who lived in a small town, and was admired and respected by many. He had a huge respect in his small town. But, no one has ever seen him venturing out from his home. The entire town knows him only through his writings.