Thursday, April 15, 2021
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A Diva’s Suicide Note – Poem by Mamta Joshi

The paparazzi is electrified A sleazy story their way Before the night ends the day A life has ebbed away.   A note by the diva to bid life...

Less Obvious

In the so-called life Diabolical yet always a surprise I noticed the less obvious   From the unavoidable charm I regarded the elegant soul Because I noticed the less obvious   From...

What are ‘WE’?

It was my English lecture that our teacher asked about our lives two years from now. Some said that they see themselves in elite...

A music Playlist Really Soothes to the Nerves

Last Thursday, I was so stressed I thought my veins would explode. I headed straight away to my closet, picked my jacket, headphones from...

Fiesta of Love and Happiness – Holi by Saptarshi Das

This article has been published in March 2018 edition of Storizen Magazine. You can read it here.  Coming from an army background, I have traveled...

Colors of Happiness – Ashwati Menon

Note - This story was also published in the March 2018 Issue the Storizen Magazine. You can read the issue here. Nandini smiled broadly to...