Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Untouched – Story by Anshu Johri

It was just a little flutter of a nameless sound at which her eyes had popped out, wide open, as if she had sinned...

A Cold Dawn – Short Story by Shaily Bhargava

It was sometime around five in the morning, when the loud SMS tone disturbed Riya’s placid sleep. She detached herself from the warmth of...

Seed – A Poem by Anshu Johri

  Not in the turbulence of contained fire Rapacious to rake a green forest Smoldering in my heart Or on a mountain of solitude   Not in the quaint desire, To...

Book Marketing for Dummies – Sumit Sehgal

Competition has crept into every field, be it education, economics or writing. It isn’t enough to just ensure that you are perfect in your...

Scented – Short story by Soumya

"Please take it, Megha. I went through a lot of trouble to get this for you." Rehan pleads. I just ignore it and get out...

How to be a Heart Breaker by Nidhi Mathur

In good stories, it is not out of the ordinary to come across that one character that breaks your heart. We have all seen...