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Forgiveness – You Owe that much to Yourself to be Happy...

It is at this stage the idea of forgiveness starts seeding in but still not completely. The injured person at this point takes the first step to forego any thoughts, feelings, or intentions of revenge toward the offender.

Dream or Illusion: A Short Story

There was a seller who sells beautiful watches in the market. His name is Ravi. He was a lovely, honest and happy man. But,...


Forgiving is a poem written by Vidya Shankar for Storizen Magazine's September 2022 issue. Click now to read more...

Reunion – A Short Story

He asks me about the reunion and I simply reply that it was good but a lot has changed he smiles and his dimples appear on his cheeks and I feel like I have once again fallen in love with him.

Storizen Magazine September 2022 is Live Now | Anirban Bhattacharyya

Seeing crimes happen is one thing and writing about them is another. This month, we are super excited to have The Wizard of True Crime, Anirban Bhattacharya on the Cover of Storizen Magazine. After his book, The Deadly Dozen on India's most notorious serial killers, he is back with his latest, India's Money Heist, based on the true story behind one of India's biggest and most sensational bank heists. Check out the Exclusive story on Page 8!

The Changing Shades of Indian Culture in the Last 75 Years

I have seen almost 50 springs in Bharat, my Desh. When Nehruji addressed the nation for the first time as a prime minister, he said...