Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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The Other Side of the Road by Atul

I could not help stealing long glances over at her, hunched over my diary in the small coffee shop that had become my haven...

The Park at Midnight, a poem by Sneha Sundaram

Leaves of darkness Leaves of noir Gristly palimpsest With blood stroked lines. The backgrounds a mystery With deep set eyes Bloodshot, Howling wind storms by. An eerie blood trail The ghost of a...

Avoidable Publishing & Marketing Mistakes by Authors

When I turned 40, I was told that I was now officially middle aged;  so I took the recommended journey of self discovery. I...

The Power of Her by Himani Agarwal

There she stood, with fear and concern. The betrayal that was evident; From her form so numb. What has she done, what was her fault? Hurting her were...

Shies like a bride by Ismita

Love is never simple, loving is, For, she never speaks of love, she just does, She has no constructs, no walls, no notions of right or...

The Pink Stilettos – A Story by Abhishek Vatsa

The shining pink stilettos from the window started back in eyes of Shanti. She is standing in eastern India’s most happening place, Park Street...