Sunday, August 14, 2022
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The Dark Side

The dark side of the moon;mysterious and dreadful!But the new moon is cursed with no bright side!Isn’t it much more?Hours of arrant obscurity, hours...

Is our Indian Traditional Marriage Losing its Charisma?

Getting married is purely a personal choice. Some couples want to test the water before taking the plunge, some want to dive in directly while others simply don’t want to. It’s all about choices, and our older social peers should start adapting to this new change of mindset of generation Z.


I gaze at the sparkling galaxyBillions of stars smile, winkInexplicable happiness shimmered in my heartThe glow flows upon my soul... For no reason, I frequently...

My Father

A man of strengthA man of loveHe is my saviorHe is my father. He prays for meIn his prayersFulfills my wantsSuppressing his desires. He walks on...

Storizen Magazine July 2022 | Vish Dhamija

Monsoons are around and like the water flows, creativity also flows out in the form of thoughts. Thoughts are free and so does creativity...

Understanding Your Child’s Mental Health as a Parent

Reena was sitting in her posh office at Bandra engrossed in reading an article on Child psychology in India Times when Mary her secretary...