Friday, September 24, 2021
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Monsoon Spell

The dark clouds just started to cover the entire sky that day as the Monsoon Spell began. Is it the symbol of heavy storms? Or just the wavy movement of clouds as usual? Is it so?

Strange Beauty

I stand at the crossroads unable to chose a way. Fortunately, the wind carries me in a direction, making it easier. My eyes fight not wanting to...

Life Does Not Always Give You What You Want

Aparna Mukherji shares with us a story of Ankita's life and her P.hD. dreams in the story "Life Does Not Always Give You What You Want"

Musings From The Pandemic – Life In Covid 19

Bringing in the New Year on a cold December night, when the clock struck 12 midnight, with a warm fuzzy feeling of a hopeful...

How Writing Helps Your Brain

Writing has been a very old way of decluttering the mind. Even now, writing is done to help in effective communication. Earlier, people used...

Colors of Fall – A Short Story by Vidya Shankar

Vanaja stood at her balcony, sipping warm jasmine tea and looking at the bright blue bits of a pleasant autumn sky she could discern...