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Book Excerpt: ‘Unframed: Speculating Image Practices in South Asia’ by Rahaab...

Unframed scrutinizes the complex, intersectional dimensions of lens-based practices in “South Asia” – today a divided entity with major new borders violently gouged into the decolonized landmass

An Excerpt from the book The Begum and the Dastan by...

In the book, The Begum and the Dastan, Tarana Husain Khan maps the social, political and religious contours of 1897 Sherpur with the fascinating and strong-willed Feroza Begum at the centre of the storm.

Appreciative Mindset: An Excerpt from the Book The Power of Humility...

The Power of Humility by PV Ramana Murthy's excerpt, Appreciative Mindset chapter talks about purpose as an essential element in leadership.

Breaking News: An Excerpt from the Book CIU by Sanjay Singh...

Breaking News is the opening of the book CIU. Mumbai Police’s CIU (Crime Investigation Unit) trailed in just behind the local unit.

May Your Family Be Perfect

Be Happy, may your Family be Perfect. These are the words of benediction with which my mother’s mother would bless her daughters and everyone else in the world.

Book Excerpt: Just Keep Buying by Nick Maggiulli | When Can...

Below we share an excerpt from the book Just Keep Buying by Nick Maggiulli where he discusses and elaborates on when can you retire...