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Book Review – Ganga: Reimagining, Rejuvenating, Reconnecting

To discerning readers, the book on River Ganga, jointly authored by Mishra and Upadhyay, would stand out as a blueprint for redressing Eliot’s philosophical lament in the context of man’s loving relationship with a great river.

Book Review: The Soul Catcher by Monica Bhide

Book Title: The Soul Catcher Author: Monica Bhide Format: Kindle Published By: Bodes Well Publishing ASIN & Edition:  B0976BVD71 & 1st Genre: Fiction (Supernatural) No.of pages: 146 Rating: 3/5 About the Book: The...

Book Review: Premier Amour by Abhay | Romantically Beautiful Story

A love story that is at once exciting and tender! The fact and fiction about love stories inevitably merge, and one becomes the other.

Book Review: Over the Edge by Vandana Kumari Jena

Over the Edge is a collection of stories where you will find love and longing, recriminations and regrets, murder and mayhem.

Book Review: The Shotgun Wedding by Suchandra Roychowdhury

A comic, hilarious tale about romance tangled up in the complex politics of rural Bengal, The Shotgun Wedding is a sparkling debut showing us the power of love once again.

Book Review: Long Run by T. Sathish

Life is not always a bed of roses with carefully trimmed thorns; sometimes, roses become dry and poke the life. This is exactly what happened with the protagonist Raghu in Long Run.