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Book Review: ‘Every Child Can’ by Kiran Bir Sethi

“Every Child Can” is not just a book; it’s a beacon of hope, possibility, and actionable wisdom for transforming education globally.

Book Review: ‘End of Story’ by A.J. Finn

"End of Story" is a captivating mystery novel that blends atmospheric noir, family secrets, and traditional detective fiction. The narrative's rich texture and exploration of the past's lingering effects make it a captivating read.

Book Review: ‘Eden Abandoned’ by Shinie Antony

"Eden Abandoned: The Story of Lilith" is a thought-provoking work that questions traditional readings of biblical themes, portraying Lilith as a symbol of female strength and autonomy.

Book Review: ‘Dream Machine’ by Appupen and Laurent Daudet

"Dream Machine: AI and the Real World" is a graphic novel that blends polemic, meditation, and fiction to warn against the dangers of corporate-controlled generative artificial intelligence (gen AI).

Book Review: ‘Death in the Deccan’ by Aditya Sinha

"Death in the Deccan" by Aditya Sinha is a gripping crime book that immerses readers in a complicated inquiry led by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mona Ramteke.

Book Review: ‘Dattapaharam’ by V.J. James and Ministhy S

"Dattapaharam: Call of the Forest" is essentially a thrilling examination of our primordial connection to the natural world, as James's vivid story beckons us to enter the forest and discover the mysteries that lie inside its embrace.