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Book Review: ‘The Ocean Is Her Title’ by Manjima Misra

"The Ocean Is Her Title" is a fascinating and challenging exploration of themes like mental health, familial relationships, and identity formation.

Book Review: Mumbai Mornings by Poonam A Chawla

Mumbai Mornings by Poonam A Chawla is perfect for reading on a lazy day with a cup of coffee and a paper towel, as the nuances will mellow down the mind and turn them into sweet tears.

Book Review: Operation Pakistan Terror Strike by Dwayne Pimenta

Book Title: Operation Pakistan Terror Strike Author: Dwayne Pimenta Format: Paperback Published by: Book Street Publications No. of pages: 254 Book Review Coincidences are often surprising. But today, it is more...

Book Review: Smile – It Costs Nothing by Prateek Singh

Book Title: Smile – It Costs Nothing           Author: Prateek Singh Format: Paperback Published By: Book Street Publications  No. of pages: 205 Book Review Life sometimes gets complicated, and the need...

Book Review: G for Gobar by Sagar Mavani

His office friends Anish and Gaurav, finding that ‘Gobar’ - cow dung cakes-can pay off his debts and solve all his life problems, ask him to quit his job. Will Satvik quit his survival kit job for some smelly dung cakes? What is so special about them?