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A for Prayagraj by Udbhav Agarwal

In this book A for Prayagraj, debut writer Udbhav gives an account of the then city Allahabad and now Prayagaraj! A for Prayagraj brings forth the city through a memory ride.

Mountain Tales by Saumya Roy

Book Title: Mountain Tales: Love And Loss In The Municipality Of Abandoned BelongingsAuthor: Saumya RoyFormat: KindleReview:Mountain Tales: Love And Loss In The Municipality Of...

A Handful of Purple Sky by Mridula Bajpai

A Handful of Purple Sky by Mridula Bajpai is the story of a resilient woman who, despite waking up one morning to the terrible news that she had breast cancer, fought not only her fears and apprehensions but also the illness to emerge stronger and more determined in the end. The journey, however, was not an easy one.

The Great Hindu Civilisation

Though there is much to talk about and learn from the history, certain aspects like Westernisation and the present trend of some forces acting upon the elements that talk great about the Hindu civilization are masking the glory. These comments and statements, where some are absolutely true, are discussed in the latest book by Mr. Pavan K Varma's book, The Great Hindu Civilisation.

Sooley by John Grisham

Coming to his new book that was released in March 2021, Sooley is a pleasant surprise to the readers. Moving away from his usual writing style and weaving the story around court, law, and politics, this story is about a person from the African country Sudan and basketball.

Song of Draupadi

In this connection, talking about Ira Mukhoty's book - Song of Draupadi stands apart!. Apart from the mentions of the ever-talked superheroes of the epic story, the main focus on the character of Draupadi is something worth reading.